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Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Ball

Snuffle Balls are an enrichment toy for pets that helps to reduce stress and anxiety through play. When playing with snuffle balls, dogs are mentally challenged and stimulated by using their senses to snuff and sniff out their favourite kibbles or treats. This Enrichment activity is very calming and a great way to use up energy.


*Place kibbles or treats in the fleece folds and watch your pup snuff them out. Once they have finished, take the snuffle ball away immediately.


For a limited time, you’ll get a kangaroo rib on us with your snuffle ball.

*The deeper you hide the treats, the more challenging it is.


*Machine washable in cold water, air dry completely.


*Makes a great Christmas or birthday present.


*All enrichment activities needs to be monitored.



Large, 20cm

Small, 16cm

Mini, 12cm


  • Free Online Support

    We want your dog to get the best out of his Snuffle ball. We offer free support and advice to our customers.

    If you need help on how to use the snuffle ball or any other questions. Contact us. We are only to happy to answer any of your questions.

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