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My dog is my Valentine 🐾❤️

My dog is my Valentine 🐾❤️

Is your hound your valentine? 💘

Have you wanted to try some new treats but are not sure what to get?


Helping hands for hounds has put together a valentines day special for your hound!


We have carefully selected each product.


All of the products we choose for your hound to sample are Advanced Novel Protein Ideal for dogs with allergies or specific health conditions, including dermatitis, pancreatitis, food intolerance, IBD, diabetes, and itchy skin.

Low in fat

High in protein

And a bunch of other good vitamins and minerals!


The valentines day special includes the following:


Chicken Feet X 2

Duck Feet X 2

Kangaroo Jerky 50g

Kangaroo rib rack X 1

Crocodile Feet X 1

Crocodile Tail X 1

Lamb ear with fur X 2


$50.00 Shipping included!

Use code Valentine at checkout

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