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Fish jerky strips

Fish jerky strips

The Fish Jerky Sticks dog treats are a natural and healthy treatment for your best friend. They will love the taste and the major health benefits. As with all of our fish pet treats, they are rich in protein. As well as 3 for healthy omega joints and reducing inflammation. Made only from Australian gummy shark (sold here as flake in the fish and chip shops) with no other nasty ingredients.

These are long meaty dog treats,  are  suitable for dogs of all sizes.


Skin and Coat Dog Treats

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Long Lasting – Medium to Large Dogs

Low fat, high protein.


This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

The average size is around 20cm long and 2cm wide but it can vary between 8-28cm long and 1-3cm wide.

Weight ranged from 10g-36g per piece with most around 30g.




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