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Beef Pizzle - Bullystick  X 5 Long

Beef Pizzle - Bullystick X 5 Long

Beef Pizzle Dog Treats – Long


Beef Pizzle Thick dog treats (Also known as Bully Sticks) are made from 100% natural, Australian beef (bull). No additives, such as preservatives or sweeteners. 


This particular size of pizzle is one of our most popular dog treats! Due to its size and texture, it’s a favourite of all-sized dogs. 

Small dogs can chew on them for hours of endless Beef Pizzle happiness.


The pizzle are rich in protein and low in fat for a lean, delicious dental treat. They’re also a great dental aid and support healthy gums and teeth keeping your dog’s mouth extra clean.



Long Lasting – Medium to Large Dogs

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Long lasting - Puppies

Lowest Fat Dog Treats (Under 5%)





Nutritional analysis 

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 356

Minimum Protein % : 63

Minimum Fat % : 5


Generally 30cm give or take a couple of cm. Most are around 10-20mm thick. 

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